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In times of family crisis, a seemingly minor decision or small concession may have a major impact on your future. At The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier, PLLC, we understand the depth of emotion involved in domestic relations issues such as divorce. We offer aggressive advocacy tempered with sound judgment to preserve your best interests when the stakes are high.

As your legal advocates, we are ready to protect your interests inside and outside of the courtroom. Contact our law firm today to schedule a consultation with lawyer Bryce Neier. He has advocated for many clients in Fayetteville and throughout Cumberland County who were in similar situations to yours. He knows how to develop a strategy for a fair and equitable resolution.

Fighting For Solutions That Are In Your Best Interests

Since 1992, family law attorney Bryce Neier has gone to "battle" for individuals caught in a "war" over family law-related matters. He understands the raw emotions involved in contested divorces as well as military divorces, in custody disputes and in other highly complicated areas of family law. Attorney Neier is committed to helping clients overcome emotional barriers when seeking to preserve their best interests in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Divorce — North Carolina is a no-fault state for absolute divorce. But is it critical that you know the eligibility requirements before you waste time and money filing a lawsuit that may get dismissed. It is also important to know that North Carolina does not have common-law marriage, but does recognize common-law marriages from states where that type of marriage is legal.
  • Child custody and support — North Carolina judges believe that most children benefit from regular, positive involvement with both parents. A custody agreement will account for daily living arrangements in addition to weekends, holidays and summers. Child support amounts are calculated based on the North Carolina child support guidelines, which is calculated using the parents' gross monthly earnings.
  • Modifications — When circumstances significantly change after the initial filing of court orders, orders may need to be modified to address those circumstances. This most often happens with child custody and child support orders. We represent mothers and fathers seeking and opposing prior modifications of court orders.
  • Emergency orders — If relationships have turned violent, or you are in fear for your or your children's safety, you may need an emergency order, or restraining order. Our firm will help you get the protection you need.
  • International family law matters — We have extensive experience with international family law matters, including international child abduction, international child custody and international child support. In addition, we regularly consult with and represent members of the military stationed around the world.

We understand this is likely an overwhelming time for you and your family. Family law attorney Neier is committed to helping you navigate through the legal system, while providing you with the essential things you need to know. We also know there are many myths surrounding family law issues, like property division, custody and alimony. Our law firm has developed a "myth vs. fact" guide to debunk some of these urban legends.

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