Protecting Your Relationship During Child Custody Disputes

Child custody and child support are often the most contentious issues in divorce cases. At The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier, PLLC, we know how important it is to maintain the relationship between parent and children.

Located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, our firm helps people throughout the Cumberland County area obtain and maintain custody of their children following a separation or divorce. Further, attorney Bryce Neier is one of the few attorneys in this area who understands and practices international child custody and international child support law. Contact us to discuss your custody, visitation, or support questions and concerns.

Your Custody And Visitation Rights

North Carolina does not have a preference as to whether a child should be placed with a mother or father. The courts focus on what is in the best interests of the child. If you want to obtain custody of your minor child, you need to present evidence that demonstrates that you are the best parent to have primary custody of your children.

Prior to a permanent custody hearing, there is a temporary custody trial, followed by attending a parenting class and eventually mandatory child custody mediation. If the permanent custody arrangement cannot be resolved during mediation, the court will schedule a permanent custody trial. In family law matters, we aggressively represent clients in the pursuit of the best interests of their children.

Should circumstances significantly change once an initial order is filed, you have the option to file for a modification in the custody arrangement and/or visitation schedule. If you have concerns regarding the safety and well-being of your children, we can also file a motion for immediate modification of custody pending a full trial on permanent modification of orders.

If your child was born outside of marriage, or there is any doubt as to paternity, taking a paternity test may be the best solution.

Providing Your Children With The Support They Deserve

In most divorces involving children, some amount of child support is ordered. An experienced North Carolina child support lawyer can help you navigate the North Carolina child support guidelines to ensure that the correct amount of support is paid.

The amount of child support is determined by a mathematical calculation that incorporates gross incomes of the parents, day care or after-school care fees, health insurance premiums and other expenses. Support payments are intended to provide for your child's needs. If you are unable to pay due to circumstances, it is essential to file for a modification of the current child support obligation. If a noncustodial parent refuses to pay, there are enforcement actions that may be initiated.

If there is evidence that the child is not biologically related to the father, it is imperative that a paternity challenge be brought prior to any adjudication of custody and before a child support order is entered by the court. Once child support is ordered, or custody adjudicated, it is almost impossible to go back to court and argue that you are not the biological father.

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