Protecting Your Interests And Your Project Through Production Contracts And Agreements

The production schedule for a film or television series is arduous, but the planning that leads up to an actual shoot can be just as complicated, if not more so.

What financial institution or personal investors are involved? What is their expected return? At what point can they back out of the project or halt the production? Staying on schedule is key to making sure this investment shows a proper return, and you, as a movie or television producer, need to be legally protected throughout the process.

With so many hands involved in financing and developing a movie or television production, you need to make sure each individual has a clear legal understanding of his or her roles and responsibilities. At The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier, PLLC, we can make sure your project is founded on strong production contracts and agreements.

Negotiating, Drafting And Reviewing Contracts For The Entertainment Industry

From our office in Fayetteville, North Carolina, we handle a wide range of contract matters for entertainment industry clients throughout North Carolina and the United States. Contact us for experienced counsel and guidance when dealing with:

  • Employment: We handle employment agreements for every kind of production personnel — from on-screen talent and production assistants to set designers and writers.
  • Financing: Our attorneys have personally been involved in productions from start to finish. They know how to secure capital and protect lenders and borrowers whether dealing with one-off projects or financing several productions.
  • Licensing: Having the rights to source material for screenplays, music or other creative work you plan to use in a project is crucial for being legally compliant and making sure your project goes as scheduled. We know how to work with content producers to secure agreements that all parties can adhere to.
  • Post-production: Your job is not over right when the initial shooting schedule concludes; scenes may need to be reshot once the editing process begins. Our agreements consider the unexpected issues and how to resolve them so you can avoid legal disputes and financial losses.
  • Distribution: Consumers are viewing movies and television in increasingly complex ways. Whether you plan to offer online downloads of your work or want to have it shown through cable networks or movie theaters, we can protect your right to revenue and royalties for the work you have produced.

Contact us to speak with an experienced entertainment lawyer who understands your business goals firsthand. We can be reached online or by telephone at 800-332-2807.