Developing Cable Network Agreements

When you produce a film or television show, you are focused on the quality of the work during production. The manner in which that work is distributed to your audience, however, is critical to how your work is perceived.

You may need to work with established distribution networks, such as broadcast cable television, but when you do, remember they are also looking for a return when distributing your work. They are going to look for ways to sway a cable network agreement in their favor.

At The Law Office of Bryce D. Neier, PLLC, we take a thoughtful and strategic approach when advising our entertainment law clients throughout North Carolina. As producers ourselves, we are sensitive to the balance between artistic vision and financial return.

Protecting Yourself Through Emerging Trends In Cable Television Distribution

Traditional media venues like broadcast and cable television are changing rapidly as digital media and technological advances influence the movie and television industries. They are struggling to keep up with market shifts toward on-demand streaming, hand-held wireless devices and subscription-based services that offer content at a lower price point to the end user.

As a result, the agreements cable companies make with content producers can easily limit a movie or television producer's options for distribution. It is crucial that you have a full understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of various contracts and agreements that allow you to retain valuable production rights while realizing a return from cable network distribution.

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